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Design Options


Only have 5 or 6 people that you regularly play cards with?

I can custom make a 5 foot table that will seat 6 players comfortably. There is no need to have an 8 foot long table that is cumbersome to handle, doesn't really fit in your room and is too big to rake in those monster pots!


Want to host a 10-12 player Texas Hold 'Em Tournament?

I can make a 6-1/2 foot table that will fit 10 players comfortably and still be able to "pass the deal". Or, an 8 foot table with room for a designated Dealer and up to 11 players.


  • Start by determining what size table you need (average rail length is 22 inches per player). Click here for calculator
  • You decide how wide the 1" thick padded rail should be.
  • Do you want a real wood racetrack, if so, how wide?
  • You pick the color for the suited hold 'em speed cloth for your table.
  • You can even add decorative nail heads to trim out your table.